Will Wheaton blames entertainment industry for piracy

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Actor Will Wheaton (of ‘Stand By Me’ and a ton of TV shows) has blamed the entertainment industry for video piracy, noting that honest consumers are getting frustrated with the lack of ease for legal alternatives compared to piracy.

The video comes via an interview withScreenRant, and includes a guest appearance with Colin Ferguson of SyFy show ‘Eureka.’

A couple of quotes from the interview:

As soon as the entertainment industry provides an alternative to bit-torrent – or an alternative to piracy — that makes it easy for honest people to get access to the program, then the piracy dries up.

Gabe Newell [CEO of Valve] says that pirates provide better customer service. How many times have you paid for a DRM license for something and the server goes down, or you travel across the border? I rented some episodes on Amazon of Doctor Who: when I went to Canada — I paid for them in America; I live in America — they say “you can’t watch it anymore because you’re not in America anymore.” That made me angry because I was being honest; I was an honest person. If I had stolen it, I would be watching it.

There are two classes of people in the world: there are people who will never pay for anything, no matter what — you’re never going to get them. Then there’s people that will pay for something — and want to. You just have to make it easy for them — and reasonable.

Good interview, with valid points:

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